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Sump Pump Installation

It’s often necessary to sump pump installation in crawl spaces of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding homes. That’s because pier and beam structures are negatively affected by surface water and humidity. Sump pumps drains protect against foundation damage and issues such as sagging floors. They also help to minimize foundation movement and sinking.

When To Install A Sump Pump In Crawl Spaces?

If you have standing water under your house, you should have a sump pump installed right away. The longer moisture rests beneath your home, the more likely it is that the wooden beams and joists supporting your structure will rot. High humidity in a crawl space should be avoided at all cost. When relative humidity is 70% or more, mold and mildew will thrive. Universal Pest & Termite specializes in sump pump systems.
Why Install a Sump Pump Under Your Home?

Whether rainfall amounts are 1″ or 5″ in a one-day period, water can do vast amounts of harm to your foundation. Over time, it can make your floors sag and buckle. What’s more, even small amounts of water that continuously sits under your house can cause movement in your foundation. If this happens, it’s quite likely that you will require foundation repair service. To minimize expenses, have your crawl space evaluated for a sump pump installation without delay.

What a Sump Pump Can Do

  • Sump Pumps Stabilize the Soil
  • To Prevent Mold and Mildew
  • Remove Standing Water
  • Increase the Value of Your Home

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