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Air Duct Cleaning

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duct cleaningUniversal Pest & Termite offers pest control, termite controlair duct cleaning and sanitation treatments. These treatments are recommended after a rodent infestation. Rodents can travel and nest in your air-ducts leaving a mess behind. This can spread disease, dander and other unwanted/unseen debris throughout your home by your air duct system.

Air Duct CleaningHow often you have your air ducts cleaned can be based on a few factors: Do you have pets? Does your home have a dust problem? Have you had a rodent issue? A large amount of the duct, dirt and dander in your home can come directly from your air-ducts. Contact us today for a FREE INSPECTION.

air duct cleaning We offer “contact cleaning” as well as “reverse air cleaning”. Our inspector can explain which you need. Why is this important? Each home has different needs. Our technicians are trained to offer which service is best for your home.
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About Universal’s Air Duct Cleaning

Our Duct Cleaning Services offers state of the art service from the initial inspection to the cleanup. We start with using cameras that allow us to see what’s hiding inside you duct lines. We then use either a contact vacuum which consist of us using a devise to agitate and vacuum the lines to remove debris or we will use a reverse air technique which is a high-power vacuum that can remove debris with minimal agitation. After the cleaning is compete, the technician will then use a Hepa Vacuum to clean up. This type of vacuum will minimize the dust in the house.

Who Should Get Their Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning is not for everyone. If you have a brand new home with newly-installed clean duct work, you may not need them cleaned right away unless you notice signs of mold, dust, or pest infestations. However, many of our clients live in older homes, where the ducts are not as air-tight as they used to be and years of dust and dirt deposits have taken their toll. Cracks and crevices can also open a door for mold spores and vermin, such as cockroaches and mice. If you have any of the following signs, call Universal for Duct Cleaning Services right away for a photo inspection of your ductwork:

  • Dirty or dusty air regularly coming out of your vents (note: dust on the surface of the grill is normal and usually comes from the air in your room, not from inside your ducts)
  • A recent vermin infestation (insects or rodents who may have taken up residence in your ductwork)
  • Substantial mold growth inside the visible sections of your ductwork
  • Unexplained cold- or allergy-like symptoms that persist beyond the timespan of a normal illness
Sanitize Your Homes Airducts

Air Duct Sanitize Applications

Universal’s Duct Cleaning Service offers a sanitizing treatment that eliminates a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. This hospital grade disinfectant consists of an EPA registered solution that keeps your home clean and free from Viruses and germs.
According to the EPA, sanitizing is reducing the number of germs on surfaces by at least 99.9%. Disinfecting takes this a step further by killing 99.999% of germs on surfaces if allowed to sit visibly wet on the surface for at least 50 minutes.
Make your home a safer place by calling Universal Pest & Termite for Duct Cleaning today! Ask us if sanitizing treatments would help in your home.

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Why Sanitize Your Homes Air ducts?

  • Material is labeled to kill on contact many forms of viruses
  • Rodents can leave behind urine
  • The air you breathe comes from your airduct lines

Air Duct Cleaning

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