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At Universal Insulation Doctor™, we have built our livelihoods on insulating people’s homes. From the attic to the crawl space, we’ve experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews. With over 50 years of experience insulating homes in the Hampton Roads area, Universal Insulation Doctor’s attic insulation services include home insulation removal and installation. Trust Universal Pest & Termite for your home insulation services in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, and surrounding cities.

Why Choose Universal Pest & Termite for Your Home Insulation Services Needs?

We want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Universal Insulation Doctor offers a completely new home insulation services for your home. We specialize in attic Cellulose insulation. This is known as our exclusive Universal Pest Guard Insulation™. Cellulose insulation with a pest control blend. This product will help to control general insects that come in contact with the product. Most “insulation” companies are not certified or qualified to install this type of product.

We also specialize in insulation installed under your home in your sub-floor. We will first clean out any debris in the crawl space along with old damaged insulation. Then we will perform a disinfectant-sanitize treatment throughout the crawl space. After the treatment, we then install a batt style new insulation that will be held in with proper insulation ties.

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Insulation Services Offered

  • Contaminated Insulation Removal: Pests such as rodents, squirrels, racoons and other unwanted visitors nest at your home. They can cause havoc on your attic or crawlspace. When in need of pest removal and a new insulation barrier, our pest guard program is your best option.
  • Insulation Over Lay/ Capping:-  When your home has a thin layer of insulation that does not meet code, capping is what’s best for you. Our qualified inspectors can determine if this what your home needs.
  • Universal Pest Guard Insulation ™: This is our exclusive system that controls insects that come in contact with the treated insulation. One of the best and most effective ways to protect your home and crawl space from insects.
  • Sub Floor Insulation: This is fibreglass insulation bats that are installed between your floor joist under the first-floor living area.
Fiber-Guard Attic Insulation

Fiber-Guard Attic Insulation by Universal

Control unwanted insects while saving on your energy bill

Universal offers our exclusive Fiber-Guard Attic Insulation system. This is our premier insulation service. We offer two options. We can use our attic insulation vacuum to remove the old insulation that exist now in your attic and replace it with new, clean Fiber-Guard Attic Insulation. If you are searching for a way to lower your power bill, increase the value of your home, keep out unwanted insects in your attic and keep your loved ones happy and healthy, then fiberglass insulation from Universal is the perfect choice. At Universal Insulation, we have been serving the needs of families in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton and surrounding cities for more than 21 years.

A fiberglass attic insulation product with an insect pest control blend. Help control unwanted insects that live and nest in your attic while saving on your AC and Heating bill. This is our premier service.

A Premier Attic Insulation Product

You Deserve Options

Universal Insulation Doctor and Universal Pest & Termite offers a full-service option when it comes to attic insulation. Our equipment can install cellulose as well as fiberglass insulation. Our inspectors are trained to do a full inspection of your attic and crawl space and sit down with you to explain the differences between the different types of insulation available for your home. No high-pressure sales force, just a qualified local insulation inspector.
There are two material choices for loose fill: Fiberglass / Cellulose Insulation.
Fiberglass Insulation includes sand or recycled glass and is lighter in weight than cellulose and mineral wool. However, it settles more than these materials, which means you need a thicker layer to insulate your attic well. This product is offered with (Fiber-Guard) or without a pest control blend.
Cellulose Insulation includes recycled post-consumer paper that is fiberized and packed tightly to inhibit airflow. This is the most used material in insulation. This product is offered with (PestGuard) or without a pest control blend.

Premier Attic Insulation Product


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