Dirty Crawl Spaces Management

Dirty Crawl Space

Dirty air from my crawl space

The Neglected Crawl Space

When a crawl space has been left unattended, the moisture content of the air in the crawl space isn’t properly monitored. It’s easy for moisture to develop in a crawl space due to changing temperatures, rainy weather, and lack of preemptive measures (like vapor barriers, dehumidifiers or micro-encapsulation). When moisture develops, it paves the way for mold, rot and termites to develop in the wooden beams in your crawl space. This rot, mold and fungi can contaminate the insulation under your floors effecting the air that you breathe. This is why Universal Pest & Termite is offering our complete crawl space clean-out service in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding cities.


The Reasons to Correct Dirty Crawl Spaces:

  • Humid conditions can create moldy conditions. When mold starts growing in your crawlspace, it can be hard to get rid of – especially since it just grows back every year when it gets humid!
  • Musty crawlspace air can enter your home. Due to duct leakage, your HVAC system might be pulling musty, mold-laden air from your crawlspace into your home. That dirty air also enters your living space through gaps and cracks in your flooring. Some say it can be as much as 50% of the air in your home.
  • Moisture makes insulation sag and fall. Ever wonder why the fiberglass batts under your floor always fall? Yes, sometimes it’s due to gravity. Insulation is not meant to be wet or damp. All “R” value will be lost if insulation gets wet or damp.
  • Insects love warm, moist environments. If you like roaches, spiders, and camel crickets, head down to your crawlspace this spring. You might see several of them. Oh, and the moist conditions in crawlspaces is also hospitable to – you guessed it! – termites.

If your crawl space is a dank, rotting space, Universal Pest & Termite is here to help. We can help you take control of your crawl space – and convert it to a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient space.

We’d like to meet with you to inspect your crawl space and come up with a practical solution to permanently repair it. We offer free, no-obligation free crawl space repair quotes to homeowners throughout our service area. We offer Smart-Pay, the service now – pay later option. To schedule your appointment, call or e-mail us today!

Smart Pay

Dirty Crawl Spaces

Pest Control

Wood Decay Under Your Feet

Historically, most crawl spaces have been vented to the exterior. With the introduction of central A/C—this can cause problems. In climates with extended periods of hot-humid weather—this includes the Southeast region including Virginia – closed crawl spaces are the best option. Under hot-humid conditions, warm, moist air enters the vented crawl space from outside and can condense on the cooler surfaces. Even when condensation doesn’t take place, relative humidity (RH) above 80% for an extended period can support mold growth and eventually rot wooden structural materials. Add A/C to the house, and the floor above the crawl space becomes even cooler—and any ductwork in the crawl space creates an added risk of condensation.

The Fallout from Moist | Damp Crawl Spaces:

–High humidity levels
–Too much moisture in the air
–Higher energy costs
–Foul odors
–Harmful mold

Wood Decay, The Silent Threat

Dirty Crawl Spaces Management

Dirty Crawl Space

The Solution to Dirty Crawl Spaces

What Universal Pest & Termite Can Do for You:

When you contact us to clean out your crawl space, you’ll receive expert service from our trained professionals. Once our crews arrive at your house, they will:

  • Clean out the crawl space. We will completely remove any rotting wood, animal droppings, mold, debris, old insulation or anything else that may be compromising the air quality inside your home.
  • Sanitize the area. Simply fogging isn’t enough. Contaminates can remain lurking beneath the surface, waiting for their next opportunity to grow and cause problems for you. That’s why our cleaning service includes full sanitization. Although it is not possible to apply to every crevice in the crawl space, our trained technicians will apply a Sanitize treatment application to all exposed readily available surfaces of the crawl space. This application is proven in reducing the exposure to certain diseases found with a rodent infestation such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
  • The Final Step: Depending on the solution you choose, Universal Pest & Termite can offer dehumidifiers, crawl-space encapsulation, poly and brand-new insulation. We recommend a complete crawl-space encapsulation. This involves completely sealing your foundation by installing insulated foam board to the outside foundation walls (leaving a 6-inch gap at the top to allow future termite inspections), installing 100% ground cover using 18-20 mil poly and installing new R-19 sub-floor insulation.

Our inspectors will take photos and video of your crawl space and together you will determine which service is best for your home. Trust Universal Pest & Termite to protect your home and family from the effects of a dirty crawl space. With over 20 years and thousands of homes being protected by Universal, you can count on the best service for the best rate.

Dirty Crawl Spaces

Rodents Love Dirty Crawl Spaces

Rats, mice and other rodents love crawl spaces and are among the most likely to be found beneath your home in the fall and winter. They can be a problem for several reasons. One is that they have a habit of chewing through wires in your walls and flooring, which can leave dangerously exposed wiring. Another problem is that when the rodents are present, snakes and even foxes will move-in to take feast on them. It can often be a chain reaction that could lead to a whole ecosystem of animals making their homes beneath yours. Don’t forget the droppings! Rodents leave behind urine and dropping everywhere they go.

Rodents and What They Leave Behind

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is an infectious disease characterized by flu-like symptoms that can progress rapidly to potentially life-threatening breathing problems.

Several types of hantaviruses can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They are carried by several types of rodents, particularly the deer mouse. You become infected primarily by breathing air infected with hantaviruses that are shed in rodent urine and droppings.

Rodents reproduce like crazy

Rats and mice are prolific when it comes to reproducing. Mice can have litters of five or six babies every three weeks and rats can produce litters 15 times per year. While these pests don’t live long, they don’t have to when they reproduce as much as they do. A single pregnant female rodent invading a home can create a large rodent invasion in no time. Universal Pest & Termite believes in IPM Integrated Pest Management with regards to rodents. This is the ability to control pest without using large amounts of poisons or pesticides. Although baiting and traps are sometimes necessary, we choose to control entry points, food sources and nesting areas.


Dirty Crawl Spaces Management

Rodents in Your Air Ducts

What Is Duct Sanitation?
Sanitation involves applying an antimicrobial chemical to kill bacteria, airborne contaminants, and to minimize the chance of re contamination. However, unlike spraying your kitchen counter or cleaning your bathroom sink, duct sanitation must be done with care. It is only when necessary to kill excessive microbial growth. Only a reputable and experienced duct sanitation company should attempt this. At Universal Duct Cleaning, our technicians take the full care to sanitize only in safe and effective ways.

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