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Universal Pest & Termite’s largest customer base is in Virginia Beach. We offer a truly full home pest control and also home termite control service option in Virginia Beach including termite treatments, termite warranties as well as structural repairs, insulation and air duct cleaning. Allow our family to protect your family and home with our exclusive Year Round Pest Protection program. This program puts the focus on keeping unwanted pest out of your home in the first place such as rodents, ant pest control, spiders and other exterminating concerns.

Termite Control in Virginia Beach
Termite Control Virginia Beach

What do Termites Do?

Termites are social insects that feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, or soil. It is most common for termites to borrow up to the surface looking for food and find cellulous near a home foundation that leads to the actual wooden structure of the house. Termites cause thousands of dollars of damage to buildings and houses every year.


Termite Treatments in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The liquid termite treatment will include the soil adjacent to the interior and/or exterior foundation walls of the crawlspace, and a slab treatment could also be necessary in garage and porch areas.
Our years of experience have shown that conventional liquid treatments are the best termite treatment option because they form a continuous barrier around the house inside and out. Unlike bait stations, they do not leave a vulnerable gap in between station placement. Universal Pest & Termite offers a variety of termite treatment options in Virginia Beach.

When termites are caught early, removing the source of the infestation and setting up preventive termite control can save thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Schedule Inspection HERE

Termite Damage Happens Fast in Virginia Beach

Termites are small, barely noticeable insects that feed on dead plant material and cellulose. This includes dead leaves, animal waste, garden mulch, and more problematic, wood. Because they thrive in warm, moist locations, they’re especially prevalent during the spring through the fall, where they take up residence within walls and in basements and attics, feasting on wooden beams, trim, subflooring, and other sources of wood. With colonies ranging in size from a few hundred to millions, a colony can cause extensive damage to a Virginia Beach home in just a few months.


When termites are caught early, removing the source of the infestation and setting up preventive termite control can save thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Schedule Inspection HERE

Termite Damage Virginia Beach

Ant Pest Control can be difficult. If treated incorrectly they can spread and nest in your walls.

Why Universal Pest for Ant Control?

Universal Pest & Termite specializes in ant control. We believe the best way to control ants is to keep them out in the first place. Ants will nest in your walls, attic, crawl space and sometimes in your furniture. This is why we offer our exclusive Year-Round Pest Protection Plan. This service is performed approximately every 90 days between the months of March-November. This service includes any additional re-services or winter services at no additional charge. Other services we provide air duct cleaning, insulation services, and FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONS in Virginia Beach

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Termite Treatment Options

Termite Perimeter- Soil Treatment:
– Soil treatment is just one option for termite treatment and Universal Pest & Termite offers this approach as part of our standard conventional termite treatment.

– Soil treatment is a traditional method for treating termites, which has been used successfully for many decades.

–It requires a direct application of the termite treatment material into the soil around the entire exterior perimeter of your home.

Benefits of soil treatment by Universal Pest & Termite:

– Less disruptive
– Significantly less intrusion and aesthetic disruption (i.e. moving furniture, removing carpet, drilling of finished floors, dust) inside your home.
– More environmentally friendly
– The Universal Pest & Termite application of material is localized to strategic areas which reduce the total amount of material used.

Termite control Virginia beach

Signs of a Possible Home Termite Infestation

  • Milky White Wings Around Windows or Doors
  • Mud or Dirt Spots on Windows or Walls
  • Crunchy Sound When Walking on Hard Wood Flooring

For more information on Termite Control | Treatments CLICK HERE

Ant Control

Ant Pest Control Virginia Beach

Universal Pest & Termite offers our exclusive Year Round Pest Protection for ants. This pest service puts the focus on keeping the ants out in the first place and reducing the amount of pesticide applied in your home. Ants are not just a summertime pest problem. They nest in your walls, crawl space and attic year round. When you see ants on the kitchen counter it may be they are already nesting.

Ask about our combined termite and pest control programs. Our Uni-Guard Program offers Year Round Pest Protection with a termite baiting system. Two services one low price.

Rodent Control Virginia Beach

It is rodent season in Virginia Beach which means rats and mice are looking to nest. Did you know a mouse will build their nest close to food and shelter? These rats/mice prefer warm, narrow and dark places where they will feel safe during breeding. A mouse would not travel more than 30 feet from its nest to food as they feed 15 to 20 times a day. A common nesting place can be under the insulation in your attic, under your home, your walls and even your air duct. Most companies will try to eliminate the rodent population but will leave behind the mess that is created by the unwelcome guest. Universal Pest offers complete rodent pest control service as well as contaminated insulation removal, air duct cleaning and most importantly sanitize treatments to the infested areas.

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Rodent Prevention

In addition to dealing with an actual infestation, the most important service your exterminator offers is that of prevention. By establishing a regular schedule of visits, usually every three months, or once per quarter, you can make sure that future infestations will not happen.

Home Inspection for rats and mice

Even the most thorough treatments aren’t always 100 percent effective. Rats, mice and other pests have a way of finding any crack in your preventative wall and making a home for themselves. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a trained professional on-site. With eyes in your property, your Universal Pest technician can inspect every nook and cranny of your home, looking for any signs of pests that might have escaped your notice. With a thorough inspection like this, you can really and truly rest in the knowledge that your home is pest-free.

We offer combined Pest / Termite programs together for one low rate. No need to pay a company a fee for pest control and a fee for termite protection. We offer our exclusive “Flex-Guard” program. This is a quarterly service that includes our Year-Round Pest Protection program, a perimeter granule termite application as well as our complete termite warranty. This top-rated program comes with our No-Hassle promise. If pest or termites come back while under protection so will we, no hassle, no problem. Most homes qualify for this service program. To see if your home qualifies. Click Here and request a Home Pest Control Free Inspection.

Along with these, we are one of the best and specialized pest and termite control companies. We offer home pest control, termite control, air duct cleaning and many other bug control services at very affordable prices.

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