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Tips for Fall and Winter Pest Invaders


Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and excess water. They will also enter your home in search of food. Check your pipes regularly for leaks and repair quickly. Remove obstructions in pipes to prevent bursting and leaks. Seal around pipe entry points into the home. Clean your gutters. Store items in plastic containers rather than cardboard and keep them off the floor. Store food (including pet food) in airtight containers. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wipe down countertops and sweep and vacuum regularly. Clean under sinks, in stoves, and behind appliances regularly. Empty the trash regularly.

Why choose Universal Pest & Termite for your roach pest control needs?

Universal Pest & Termite is a family owned and operated company. Which is based right here in Virginia Beach with offices on the Peninsula and Southside. We believe the best way to control roaches is to keep them out of your house in the first place which is why we offer our exclusive Border-Guard service. Our program comes with FREE INTERIOR SERVICES if needed as well as FREE EMERGENCY SERVICES if needed.

Universal Pest will take steps to mitigate cockroach problems through barrier exclusion. Barrier exclusion involves preventing cockroaches from entering the home through small cracks in walls, gaps near electric sockets and switch plates, and up through drains. We use a silicone-based caulk to seal these openings.
Our technicians are trained to identify the type of roach infestation you may have. This is very important when establishing a program that best fits your needs. For example, a German Roach may be best controlled with a residual, but an American Roach should be controlled with baits.

Winter Pest Invaders


Seal Rodent Points of Entry

To effectively keep rodents out of your home, it’s important to seal off any place that makes it possible for them to gain entry. Mice and rats are extremely adept at squeezing through very small gaps. A good rule of thumb to follow is to close off any opening larger than ¼-inch. Check window screens for any tears and repair them. Seal any cracks in walls or the foundation with wire mesh. Examine spots where pipes enter your home – if there are gaps, fill them with mesh and caulk. Finally, if you have a chimney, add a cap; rodents are excellent climbers!

Seal Your Crawl Space and Keep Out Rodents

Pest Exclusion – If you have experienced recurring problems with mice, rats or other rodents getting into your house every year, a permanent solution is available and highly recommended! Rodents can squeeze into the openings as small as ¼ of an inch. Older home structures, especially, often have many gaps that rodents find very attractive.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

When our “Universal Pest professional comes to your home for a Rodent Exclusion Service, he or she will inspect for signs of rodent entry points in the house; identify nesting areas, and seal nooks and crannies to prevent entry in the future. It utilizes Integrated Pest Management (ITM) methodology to solve the problem, instead of only treating the symptoms of the rodent problem. Seal Up, Keep Out.

Rodent (Rat / Mouse) Exterminator Service for Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News and surrounding cities.

Winter is rodent season in Hampton Roads which means rats and mice are looking to nest. Did you know a mouse will build their nest close to food and shelter? These rodents prefer warm, narrow and dark places where they will feel safe during breeding. A mouse would not travel more than 30 feet from its nest to food as they feed 15 to 20 times a day. A common nesting place can be under the insulation in your attic, under your home, your walls and even your air duct. Most companies will try to eliminate the rodent population but will leave behind the mess that is created by the unwelcome guest. Universal Pest & Termite offers complete rodent exterminator service as well as contaminated insulation removal, air duct cleaning and, most importantly, sanitizing treatments to infested areas.

Rodents in Your Air Ducts


About Universal Air Duct Cleaning:

Air Duct Cleaning

Universal Duct Cleaning offers state of the art service from the initial inspection to the cleanup. We start with using cameras that allow us to see what’s hiding inside you duct lines. We then use either a contact vacuum which consist of us using a devise to agitate and vacuum the lines to remove debris or we will use a reverse air technique which is a high-power vacuum that can remove debris with minimal agitation. After the cleaning is compete, the technician will then use a Hepa Vacuum to clean up. This type of vacuum will minimize the dust in the house.
Who Should Get Their Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning is not for everyone. If you have a brand new home with newly-installed clean duct work, you may not need them cleaned right away unless you notice signs of mold, dust, or pest infestations. However, many of our clients live in older homes, where the ducts are not as air-tight as they used to be and years of dust and dirt deposits have taken their toll. Cracks and crevices can also open a door for mold spores and vermin, such as cockroaches and mice. If you have any of the following signs, call Universal Duct Cleaning right away for a photo inspection of your ductwork:

  • Dirty or dusty air regularly coming out of your vents (note: dust on the surface of the grill is normal and usually comes from the air in your room, not from inside your ducts)
  • A recent vermin infestation (insects or rodents who may have taken up residence in your ductwork)
  • Substantial mold growth inside the visible sections of your ductwork
  • Unexplained cold- or allergy-like symptoms that persist beyond the timespan of a normal illness

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